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Season of Thanks
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We joined the family in Michigan for celebrations over the Thanksgiving holiday—celebrating Vince and Molly's wedding, celebrating seeing the families together again, and celebrating having Matt with us for the holiday.
To Market, To Market
First stop was downtown Owosso, to buy some of the Thanksgiving fixin's—particularly the wine.

Apt place for us to shop...Cherie's the former, I'm the latter.

Jon wonders: "If you can't pronounce it, is it safe to eat?"

Not takin' my wine away, you aren't
Our first morning back in Michigan brought the chance to shop at Owosso's gourmet food shops, and as the snow flakes started to fall, it was time to pick up the kids from school and get some warm nourishment at the Sassy Sandwich shop on Main Street.

Jessie and Jon—who is sassier?

Hey, how 'bout me?

And then home to make Thanksgiving Eve preparations

Jessie chops the carrots...

while Shelley samples the cranberry sauce Cherie is grinding

A boy and his dog on a wintry day

A man and his toys ... "is it free if I call myself?"

"Humans ... can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em"

Garrett and Cherie play floor hockey with a bottlecap

Cherie checks out Shelley's "bubble bust"


Shelley and Jon's neighborhood looked like a Christmas card on Thanksgiving morning.

We woke to four inches of snow early Thanksgiving and Jon drove his four-wheel-drive truck to Detroit Metro Airport to pick up Matt and his Army war buddy Kyle (aka Cooter). The snow brought out the kid in everyone.

Visions of sugarplums danced through their heads...

"Oh, crap, is it winter already???"

"I left Iraq and came to Michigan for this?"

Cherie and Dustin salute the soldiers

Matt and Cooter: "Yeah, man, this is why I went to basic"

Megan was the best shot of them all—moved down her cousins like grass

Garrett: "Geez, I haven't finished kindergarten, let alone basic!
Is it safe to come out?"

Jason ducks while Matt prepares the mother of all snowballs

Jon learned rule #1—don't stand under a snow-flocked tree

Jon beckons Kathy and Gene to join the fight

Gene: "Mutter...mutter, you mutter flocker"

Tim takes the yuppie approach to teaching his son how to make a snowman — delegate and supervise

Jon is more of a hands-on guy, mixing it up with Garrett in the snow
Jessie and Garret build a snowlady (left)
obviously modeled after their mom,
right down to the smallest details (below)

Follow the turkey tracks to see more photos of Thanksgiving and of Vince's wedding

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