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Seattle in October

Hummed to the tune of "Singin' in the Rain"

Cherie and I flew to Seattle to spend the long Columbus Day holiday weekend with Matt, who had a four-day pass from nearby Fort Lewis.

Seattle was terrific—Pike Place Market, coffee shops, the Space Needle, coffee shops, Pioneer Square, coffee shops, the Underground Tour, coffee shops, harbor-side restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, coffee shops, pubs, and coffee shops.

But best of all was spending time talking with Matt over dinners and drinks, walking the streets with him, oogling museum exhibits together—just being with him.

"Pike Place Market, Seattle" by Thomas Kinkade
from www.galleryone.com

Matt's Beer-ly Drinking Age
Now that Matt's 21, he's of legal drinking age. By all accounts, he's taken full advantage of that fact with his buddies in the 3rd of the 2nd Stryker Brigade. So...he dragged us north of Seattle to Woodinville, home of several wineries and of Red Hook Brewery, where we went on a tour of the beer-making facility.

Here's a quick quiz based on the signs in the picture below. It shows Matt with his new found tour buddies from Minnesota (maybe they're emigrees from the Swedish Ski Team) and the barkeep, a fella adept at repeating the Red Hook motto: "Ya, sure, you betcha!"

OK, the questions:
1) Where is Matt at?
2) Who is his favorite new-found buddy?
3) Who's the guy in the red vest?

Matt's answers:
1. Beer Heaven (the neon sign), 2. The Blonde (the poster sign), 3. Who Cares! (Ya sure, you betcha)

To Market, To Market...
This photo reminds me of the moody early Beatle shots of Stu Sutcliff taken on dreary Hamburg streets. But it's Matt protectively shepherding his mother through the rain-washed streets of Seattle outside Pike Place Market.
Inside the market it's a different story—a riot of colorful flowers, vegetables, fish, and neon signs, with a pulsing tide of shoppers jostling through the narrows and cascading downs the steps of the multi-level building complex that is the Pike Place Market The sounds, smells, and sights fill the senses. The mouth waters at the smell of chocolate, puckers at the smell of seafood, and smiles at the smell of thousands of colorful flower bouquets.

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