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Wayne and Janene's Wedding

Part 2

Wayne's Western Wedding a Wonder to Witness

It was fitting that after years of cold wintry Michigan winters and warm summers of Florida wetness, Wayne and Janene would choose to tie the knot in the welcoming dry weather of Arizona's wild west.

And so it was that they settled on Rex Ranch, an isolated oasis between Tucson and the Mexican border, to celebrate their wedding.

Early Morning Tailfeathers
The day broke with a lazy sun blown softly across the sky by a light cool breeze. Birds of a feather stalked together—the windmill high on its metal derrick; the young roadrunner strutting in the lush lawn—both with their tailfeathers proudly pointed.
Ropin' and Ridin'
The mountains and cacti of Arizona provided a scenic backdrop for a morning trail ride around the ranch.
Katie, below with Haley, was the youngest rider in the troop, but I was probably the least experienced. Katie rode tall in the saddle on her friendly horse. My mare, Bonita, pretty much went where she wanted ... just like the other women in my life. Whoa, Bonita, whoa!

The Arizona sun sharply etched our figures on the packed earth. Who is that handsome figure in the black hat? Only the shadow knows.
Pulling up the rear were Heube and Doug. From the rhymthmic noises in the room next door, it was apparently Doug's second time in the saddle that day.
Tubac Shopping

The ladies took to the streets of Tubac to find treasures of the southwest. Teri, Cherie, Jenn, and Haley stand in front of some of the shops in town, their favorite being the Cloud Dancer Jewelry Gallery, where they got free samples for the kids.

... and wearing their Arizona Mickey Mouse ears. Jenn is a bit disappointed. When Cherie asked if she wanted to "Go To Tubac," the poor dyslexic dear thought she said did you want "Tobacco?" She brought bags for serious cigarette purchases.

The Hour Approaches
Cherie and Tim get all duded up for the big event, comparing their western outfits shortly before the wedding. Cherie is, as always, stunning (did I mention she's my wife?). And Tim, well this city slicker at least knew enough to accessorize his outfit with a cowboy's long-neck bottle. That's a good start, there, Hemor.

The Big Event

The couple's family joined them on the lawn of the ranch, before a burbling fountain and under the spreading canopy of a large desert tree, to witness the exchange of vows. The groom—handsome in his black western outfit. The bride—beautifully elegant in her colorful dress. The weather—clear skies for a long happy journey ahead. The company—supportive and elated to share the couple's bliss. Let the celebrations begin.

The wedding pair look like a couple of shy, giddy kids before their first big date

And there it is, the vows sealed with a kiss. Ahhh — the eternal youth and wonder of love
The Justice of the Peace invites the couple to sign the marriage certificate.

Below, Wayne signs away his bachelorhood, er, the marriage certificate. (Is this why men always wear black at weddings?)

The Happy Families

John, Joanne, and Terry are all smiles. They're taking notes...for a wedding of their own later in the year.

Gregg, Haleigh, Teri and Mitch are happy to be together, with their luggage and with the the old and new families
Have you ever wondered what folks are "really" thinking when they're smiling at the camera? Hey, me too, I'm curious. So I bought this new fangled, high-technology, ultrasonic sensor screw-on thingamabob, and viola—we can now see what's going on in the minds behind those smiling eyes. One thing though, you have to move the mouse cursor over the picture to make it work. Try it out.

More Photos with the Thingamabob Attached


Barbara joins the newlyweds in the courtyard

A Circle

Of Friends

Joanne and Terry relax with drinks by the fire

Haley and Katie became fast friends

A Circle

Of Family

Wayne explains Tim's nickname, Hemor ... ouch!

Reception Follows...

WIth Dinner

The lodge was aglow with good cheer

The bridal table with sons and daughters

The "kids" table, most of whom were on their feet

Friends from far away (some would say far out) places

Suzanne and Huebe are elegant in their red, white, and black

I said "Cheese," not "Sneeze"

The sheriff lays down the law:
no more than one drink in each hand, ma'am

Sheriff likes it here so much, he decides to stay the evening.
(By the way, where did they get those matching shirts?)

This was the gang the Sheriff REALLY came to arrest


Haley dedicated a song to her Grandma and new Gramps

Rick and Oscar team up for a round of Margaritaville.
(Rick: Click the Margaritaville link above if you need
a lyrics reminder for the next time you sing it)

And Dancing

The Wedding Dance—Now here's a happy couple

Wayne swings Katie around the floor

A father-daughter dance with Teri

Sisters in Swing

Wayne and Cherie do some serious bumping and grinding

How do you spell halitosis?

Who cares?!

The fire's still glowin' and the good times roll

How can I hold your hand, it's wrapped around the bottle?

By this time, it's more holding each other up than it is dancing

Like I showed you this morning, dear, I've got rhythm.

And Then It's Time to Say Farewell

May we see each other again real soon.

Hasta la vista!

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