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If April Showers Bring May Flowers...

...does a March shower bring an April flower? Anna's baby shower, for our soon-to-be granddaughter Allora, was at the end of March. I don't know how women do it—sit around eating dainty sandwiches, playing parlor games, and watching a pregnant lady unwrap more presents than Santa can fit in a sleigh. But they do, and they seemed to have a good time doing it.

Now the countdown begins for Allora (or my little Allie Cat). She's due on May 5th, but Anna looks like she could deliver any day now.

Anna's mom Angela provided the cake for the shower—a clever arrangement of cupcakes covered with a colorful frosting. See what I mean about dainty?

All Wound Up

Three gals who've been around this particular block a couple of times seem to be fully engaged in spinning stories of the ties that bind a family together. In fact, they are estimating the length of string it would take to wrap around the honoree's waist.
Marilee, Anna, and Jeanne are stringing together on the love seat, while Kinsey, at right, watches.

Linda, left, appears to be chuckling at Dawn, center, and Sharie, thinking "lighten up, gals, Bingo is only a game."

But Bingo is serious business when it comes down to the last few "balls," apparently.

Anna's sister, Noelle, coaches her daughter Abigail on proper eating techniques at baby showers. Take halting steps like you really aren't interested in the food, then lunge for the candy bowl when no one is looking.

Yikes, there's a man in the house! It's okay, it's only the expectant father, Mike. Mike is the one who took these photos, along with Cherie. I was not going to get into the middle of this maelstrom.

I don't know, it looks to me like one of Anna's friends, Heather, is still a little leery about having Mike around. This rite of the sisterhood is not to be shared openly with the brotherhood, apparently.

I've gotta ask, did anyone spike the punch? Linda is having waaay to much fun at this shower.

Pegha and Linda chill out on the couch

And Finally, It's Time for Presents

The highlight of any shower is watching the expectant mom expectedly open presents. Anna did not disappoint, oohing, aahing, and giggling at all the wonderful gifts showered upon her.
Hey, maybe that's why they call them showers, huh?

Anna wore the "Mom To Be" sash proudly, smiling at her great fortune to have friends, neighbors, and family who gathered around to celebrate this time with her.

And lastly, we discover that that the toys are not just for the baby-to-be...fuzzy bears are a girl's best friend, whatever her age.

Heather and Miranda, right, are still kids at heart

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