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Mike and Anna Marry
Mike and Anna were married on the evening of May 20th at the San Pedro River Inn. About 70 friends and family members attended the sunset wedding and celebrated throughout the night under the stars and trees trimmed with ribbons and lights.

Above, the wedding party: from left, Javier, Saun, Jesus, Kevin, Anna, Mike, Miranda, Noel, Hope, and Teena. Front row are Taylor and Rachel.

At left, Mike and Anna walk down the aisle

Friends and family gather for the celebration

Friends and family gathered before the wedding to join the celebration. The party started in Bisbee, where Kathy, Gene, Cal, and Casey, joined us for a day and night of eating and drinking at Bisbee's finest establishments. And that's the problem—we can't take Cherie anywhere classy, as it soon turns into a circus.

Why is this man smiling?
Gene is one happy fella with the all the grabbing and kissing going on at the Hot Licks Bar patio. He may be thinking that joining the family isn't such a bad deal -- two beauties for the price of one.
Always a good idea to start the day with a hearty meal, which we did on the patio of the Copper Queen Hotel.
With full stomaches, we set out for a day of bar hopping.
First stop is St. Elmo's Bar in Brewery Gulch. Poor Mike, at the left, is rapidly tiring and going broke as he tries to keep his Mom and his Aunt Kathy in drinks.
A relaxing afternoon sitting on the patio of the Hot Licks Bar-B-Q, watching the quirky townfolks and tourists walking by.

"Hey, those folks look like midwestern tourists, don't they?"

Everyone is all smiles in mile-high Bisbee.

Cal interned with me 27 years ago at the Tank-Automotive R&D Command

A couple of honeys try out one of the Bisbee mine's honey pots

Grunting with effort, Mike's aunt and mom make spectacles of themselves on Main Street ... but Mike doesn't care.

Kathy and Cherie scramble off the honey pot car when they realize this could be an explosive situation — or was it the odor?

Dinner at Cafe Roka
After a long afternoon of long necks and other assorted long drinks, we swaggered (or was that staggered?) over to the nicest restaurant in Bisbee, in fact, the nicest in the entire county. Very chic, mind you. That's why Cherie made such a splash when we were seated at the table at the front of the restaurant, and she promptly catapulted backward into her chair, making a stunning three-point landing with a tremendous thud on the floor. The restaurant immediately went quiet and all heads swiveled to witness her oh so non-chalant recovery. That went well, huh? After conversation resumed in the restaurant, she knocked over her wine glass, and that was it for us — five minutes of uncontrollable laughter at our table and I was waiting for the maitre-d to escort us out of there. But they were gracious, we had a delicious dinner and a great deal of fun that evening.

A romantic dinner at Cafe Roka, though Mike had to dial in his sweetie who was waiting for him back in Sierra Vista

Rehearsal Day
We gathered the evening before the wedding day at the San Pedro River Inn outside of Sierra Vista for a run-though of the ceremony with Scott, the marriage officiator.

You can almost hear Cherie thinking out loud:
"I hope she knows what she's getting into.
He's his father's son!"

Rehearsal Dinner at Johnny Carino's
Okay, we wanted to showcase one of the nicer Sierra Vista restaurants for our out of town guests and the wedding party. We reserved the restaurant's patio dining area, we laid in a nice Italian meal, we asked our friend Chris to be the lead waiter, everything was perfect. Well, almost. Strangers were taking up one of our tables, we didn't have enough chairs for our guests, the food order was mixed up with another wedding party, the dinner was served without benefit of plates or silverware ... well, you get the picture. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful and everyone was in a good mood, looking forward to the wedding the next day.

A nice spring evening on Johnny Carino's patio ...


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