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Cherie's Rockin' Vacation
In October Cherie and her sister Kathy spent a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Cherie and Kathy watch the sun rise over the Atlantic from their hotel room

Cherie flew to Ohio to meet Kathy for the drive down I-75 through the Great Smoky Mountains
Cherie took her turn at the wheel of Kathy's Grand Prix as the highway wound through the Great Smoky Mountains—methinks the smile on her face reflects the old maxim "any time away from Jamie is time well spent"

On the Beach
Kathy's friend Deanna seems to have had a brilliant idea: "Let's spend the week drinking." Within minutes of this Newtonian revelation, the tables were stacked with empty beer bottles. You can't say Kathy's friends aren't intellectual -- or resourceful.

Dale, Deanna, Gene, Kathy, and Josh line up at the bar
with their happy mixologist ready to serve a round of tropical drinks

The beach looks eerily empty. The party is elsewhere, but it's nice to know that the ocean is nearby.

Cousins Gather
One of the benefits of going to Myrtle Beach for vacation is the chance to see Cousins Tim and Jen, who live in neighboring North Carolina. Here Jen and John share breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
Tim and Katie at breakfast, below, and John and Katie romp on the hotel balcony, right


Tim wanted a picture of him doing a Michael Jackson imitation—hanging Kathy over the edge of the balcony, but she wasn't buying into it.

Kathy wanted to do a Britney Spears imitation of Tim sitting in her lap without a seat belt. But Tim knows Kathy's driving is suicidal.

This was the compromise.

Kathy's finance Gene, relaxes at the bar, left, while Cherie entertains his son Joshua, right.
Not Just Strong,
Under-Army Strong!

Yep, Joshua grimaces, Gene's got strong arms for an old man all right. Phew!

Out to Dinner

Pirate of the Carolinian

Cherie, Kathy, Gene, and friends spent their evenings enjoying food and entertainment in the dusk-washed waterside restaurants of South Carolina's coast. At right, a pirate never leaves home without his knife, while at left, a cook wields his knife to prepare dinner at their table

Kathy, Kenny (aka Butch), his wife, Cherie, Joshua, and Gene share supper at the Key West Grill after a full day of golfing for the guys, sunning for the gals

Get these gals together and it's a rockin' good time. Hold on to your knittin' needles, granny!

Deanna, Kathy, and Cherie hang out at Myrtle Beach. You have to have a license to have this much fun.

Beatin' Happy Feet Back to Ohio

After a week in Myrtle Beach, the sisters were happy to be back in the North Country

Shelley, Kathy, Dani, and Jessie take in a day at the zoo
It can be hard to tell which side of the bar(s) Cherie's family hangs out, especially at the zoo, but Kathy emerges from the bat cave to the harsh glare of daylight

Cherie, Shelley, and Kathy — hard to tell they're sisters, huh?

Cousins Dani Jo and Jessie hang out together, left, while Kristin (left) joins pals Tori and Annie for a glittering night on the town

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