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Mike's and Anna's New Home
Mike and Anna bought their first house in June. It was built in the 1970s, when Sierra Vista was still a small town. We welcome them to the wonderful world of home ownership and mortgage payments.

It's a nice slump block home in a clean, quiet neighborhood only a couple of blocks away from their former apartment. With both an air conditioner and a swamp cooler, it's ready for anything the weatherman has to throw at them. Six blocks to the north is the Hwy 90 by-pass; about a dozen blocks to the south is Sierra Vista's main street, Fry Blvd.
Sweet little home; sweet location.

Mike and Anna proudly sit on their bed in their new home, above.
Below is their living room, showing off Anna's artistic color scheme.

The kitchen and dining room are huge; lots of room for those big family meals at holidays :-)

The study, where they keep their computer and Anna's drawing table

The spare bathroom, with its nautical theme

The nice big backyard — this is half of it looking from their patio. The other half has a large pine tree shading their home.

There is plenty of room for their new dog, Emma, to run. Emma is a young black lab/pit bull mix who is happy to see all visitors.
(Her picture will be posted soon)

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