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Kathy and the Gang Blow into Arizona

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Kathy (top), Kristin (left) and Dani (right) find life ain't bad as barmaids in TombstoneKathy, Kristin, and Dani hitched the team up to the buckboard and headed out to the great American southwest. Quickly finding employment as barmaids, they exclaimed they like cowboys in Stetson hats, big tippers, fast horses, and strong whiskeys.
Kristin and Dani found many cowboys willing to lend them their hats
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Dani and Kristin order up a couple of brews at the long wooden bar of the Crystal Palace Saloon. At left, they turn to Aunt Cherie for advice on the best drinks in Tombstone (were it me, I'd recommend the sassparilla, partners)

Tombstone, the town too tough to die.

The town survives, but many of its residents didn't. They ended up in Boot Hill, the legendary cemetery where outlaws and innocents rest in pieces.
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The gun fight at the OK Corral in 1881 sent three of the more famous graveyard tenants to their new home.
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The lawmen........................................the place..............the results: "murdered on the streets of Tombstone"

Frontier Justice

Tombstone was the county seat in the 1880's, from which justice was dispensed with the bang of a gavel...and at the end of a rope.

The courthouse is now a state museum highlighting the lifestyle of the old west, from cattlemen to miners, lawmen to outlaws.

Desc Cherie commented, "It appears that Kathy has reached the end of her rope." Kristin and Dani would echo that statement, except that their mom has a strangle hold on their necks.
Cattlemen obviously believed the adage "good fences make good neighbors" was a "point" well taken, especially with rustlers roaming the range. There were dozens of barbed wire designs, some of which are shown here. A detail at the right shows that each style had its own name and date of appearance. The third one down, the Stover design, dates to 1875.
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Ghostly Treasure

Kathy and the gals found lots of silver treasures in the numerous shops along Allen Street in Tombstone. However, back in the olden days, the town was riddled with mines, and everyone was looking to make their big strike. One of them was a worker at the hotel which hosted the Big Nose Kate Saloon (no relation to Kathy, I'm sure). Following a spiral staircase from the saloon to the basement, you can still see the "Swamper's" bedroom, and how he tunneled out the walls and floors in search of his own fortune.
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Kartchner Caverns: The World Below

Kristin, Kathy, and Dani stand before the sign greeting visitors to Kartchner CavernsKartchner Caverns is a few miles north of Sierra Vista and about 300,000 years older. It's a living cave that still grows marvelous stalactites, stalagmites, helictites (they grow sideways), columns, soda straws, shields, flowstones, and colorful bacon formations. Kathy, Dani, and Kristin toured the caverns and were awed by its beauty and mystery.

At left, Kathy, Kristin, and Dani stand at the entrance to Kartchner Caverns State Park. The hills behind them are home to the caverns.
Since cameras are not allowed in the cave, we've had to borrow some photos, below. If you want to see a short video on the caverns, turn on your speakers and click on the middle picture–the Arizona Star Net photo. (Kathy, you'll get a chance to hear the soundtrack from the Throne Room again).

Kristin, Dani, and Kathy grab a feel of a model stalagmite
The gang gathers around a stalagmite in the cavern museum
Bacon formation hanging from the cavern walls
From "azstarnet.com"
The massive Kubla Khan column stands in the Throne Room
From "carefreeenterprise.com"


Apple Annie's: A Day at the Farm

We drove to Willcox to spend a day at the orchards and farms of the Sulpher Spring valley. Apple Annie's bakes THE best pies in southeastern Arizona, and if you're so inclined, you can spend a couple of hours plucking fruit off of their peach, pear, and apple trees. Or, more to our liking, spend an afternoon dining under the trees on burgers and pies ala mode.

Then it was on to the farm, where we picked green beans and bought some corn for dinner.

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