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Cruisin' the Caribbean, Days 2-3


That would be "doh-ma-KNEE-ka," as I was quickly, and oftenly, corrected.

When we sailed past the island and into port early on a misty morning, visions of Juraissac Park kept dancing through my head. And why not? This volcanic, isolated island has seven active volcanos, tropical forests, cascading waterfalls, remote winding mountain roads, exotic flowers, steaming lakes and sulfur springs ... but alas, no dinosaurs.

Island memories:banyon tree, laborer, flowers, blowing off steam (sulpher spring), stairway to heaven
Happy Ladies...Everyone smiles on Dominca. Don't know if its the rum or the natural beauty that brings out their best, but look at the faces. At right, Karen, our tour guide, provided a wealth of information on her homeland, from geography and culture to politics.

Ladies' photos and the one of us above are courtesy of Mark


Barbados was a day of sailing, snorkeling, drinking, and eating—I guess you could say it was a typical day in paradise.

When you gear up with mask, snorkel, and fins and dive into the clear green waters, well, it feels like you've jumped into an aquarium. Just ask Mark!

Photo courtesy of Mark

SCHOOL'S IN!   I feel like just another fish swimming in the wondrous world 'neath the ocean's surface


But that isn't going to keep the crew from having a good time—quite the contrary, it's perfect drinking weather.

...While up on the surface, the clouds are gathering for yet another storm. We got an incredible amount of rain on the cruise—the cruise director's assistant said in all his years he'd never seen a wetter week.

Our new-found drinkin' buddies were a newly-married couple from New York, Cory and Anna.

Cory lead the boat in several choruses of his impromtu sea chant, "More Rum."

In Barbados we also made friends with three girls from Ohio who were on the cruise to celebrate their graduation from college. Cami, Steph, and Sarah became our adopted daughters for the rest of the cruise. They joined us for dinner in Bridgetown at a harbor-front restaurant. I ordered dolphin for dinner, but it was really something like mahi-mahi, much to the girls' relief.

Bridgetown's harbor displays the town's Caribbean and European influences

Local Color
And of course, everywhere we went, I had to sample the local brew. The Barbados one is the fourth from the left. The first two are from St. Thomas, the third is from Dominica, and the last one is from Aruba. Ahhhh!

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