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Winter Break

Let's see—snow or sand? 30 or 70 degress? Clouds or sun? Didn't take much to lure Betty and Bill to southern California in February.

The San Diego skyline
View of he San Diego skyline from Tom Ham's Lighthouse restaurant where we had an early dinner after a day touring the harbor by boat and exploring the lighthouse and tidal pools at Point Loma.
A US Navy guided missile frigate, the USS McClusky, returns to port after training on the open seas. (Mark: does this name sound familiar? Hint: Detroit Typographical Union instructor.) Your tax dollars at work
Hey, what makes him so special? Bill saw enough animals in San Diego to last him a lifetime. I aint turnin' on the Animal Planet channel for the next five years," he declared. We visited Wild Animal Park and the San Diego Zoo on back-to-back days. Cherie complained she couldn't get the smell out of her nose for hours. Me, I was so tired when Betty and Bill left that I spent the holiday weekend on the couch reading books.

It's hard to be me

Wild Animal Park reconstructs the heart of Africa in the hills of San Diego county. Cherie, Bill, and Betty stop on a wooden boardwalk that skirts a bird refuge. African Bridge
Beauty amongst the beasts Beauty flowers amongst the beasts of Africa. At left, the flower of my life. Below, an orchid from the San Diego Zoo.

A puffy lipped orchid

A glass of wine on the Del Coronado Hotel patio and a walk to the beach mellows out even a hectic day of sightseeing. The Del Coronado rises in the distance as the vacationers gaze out to sea.
Beach bums It aint a Michigan sunset, but it'll do.

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