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Monument Valley
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The Navajo Nation welcomes you to Monument Valley The road approaching the monuments has been photographed and filmed so many time, even Matt said 'hey, that's where they filmed Forest Gump running down the highway!' It's too bad the weather was so punk the day we visited. A view from one of the highway pull-offs, where Indian jewelry is also usually for sale. Being cold, cloudy, and the 3rd of January, not a trinket was in sight at the empty wooden makeshift stalls, but the view was sure nice. This rock is the real Navajo salute to visitors Some iconic views follow... The opening views from the 17-mile winding dirt road running through the park A single monolith One of the mitten rocks. Not sure if the left mitten or the right mitten or the Michigan mitten Matt's view as seen from his window and reflected in his sunglasses See the USA, in your Chevrolet, er, Honda. The three sisters. Tucson also has three mountains that I fondly thought of as the three sisters when Shelley, Brenda, and Cherie all lived in or near Tucson. Totem rocks Another post card view You can almost feel the rumble of wagon train wheels and hear the shrieks of Indians when looking at some of the landscapes More western views Matt echoes the 'thumbs up' rock gesture Think I've seen this in a John Ford movie or two Spent the night in Flagstaff at the Hampton Inn on Route 66 After a day in Monument Valley, Matt and I drove to Flagstaff for dinner and drinks in the downtown area, which was still decorated for the winter solstice Christmas lights in the city park One of the 1880's era watering holes along the old Route 66 that runs through Flagstaff The old west lives on in the Museum Club...or as Matt said, just another lousy redneck bar

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