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The Four Corners and Mexican Hat
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Welcome to the Four Corners, where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah come together It was hard to keep track of which state, which reservation, or even which nation you were in when driving the roads leading to and from the Four Corners marker. 'Being in the Navajo Nation, does this mean we had an international road trip?' I asked Matt. He just gave me one of those 'that's a stupid question' look. Like I said, it was hard to track where you were, between the state and Indian road signs. This one is Navajo, but cross into Colorado and you're on the Ute Indian Reservation. The Four Corners monument... ...And the Four Corners geological survey marker Matt standing in four states at the same time...he's a giant of a man Entering Utah Snow capped mountains loom along the Utah highway Matt and I stopped for lunch in Bluff, Utah, a small town tucked against the mountain bluffs overlooking the San Juan River. If you go there, you'll want to kayak the river, shop for souveniers at the Navajo Twins Trading Post... ...and eat at the Twin Rocks Cafe next door Soon the landscape of rocks near Monument Valley appears Driving down the highway Matt saw a dirt road leading to the Mexican Hat rock formation and turned the wheel. 'Let's give this a try,' he said, and so we went exploring back country. At the base of the rock Matt decided he was going to climb to the top If you look carefully you'll see how far he got, on the right side of the rock, which was farther than his dad did And from where I climbed, you can barely see our blue Honda down at the dirt road on the left Views from Mexican Hat Matt shows off his manly strength, after all, he was Army strong The San Juan River carves a path through the countryside's red rock Matt walks along the slushy San Juan River He apparently loves to walk on water The layered, red and gray cliffs that line the river are a work of art

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