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the simple life
An evening on Jane's farm is an eye opener for us sofisticated city slickers

OK, so the Nielson folks are calling, and they want to use you in their focus group. Which of these lovely pairings would you want to watch on TV frolicking in the country, group A on the left, or group B on the right? Send your answer by email to jamie@thundermoon.us. All answers will be held in the strictest confidence — but be sure to include your name at the bottom in BIG, BOLD letters.
Is it Cherie and Jane?
Or Paris and Nicole?

"Lose the chihuahua and you can rub me any time, Paris"
"Paris? Bah, I only have eyes for ewe"

"What about us? We're some prime chops!"
"You sure are, ladies"

Shear Delight
We found out Jane knows sheep inside out—she raises 'em, roasts 'em, shorns 'em, spins their yarn, and knits sweaters from their woolly coats. The gal's amazing, but then again, all of Cherie's sisters are.

One night while we were in Michigan Jane treated us to a lamb chop dinner and some lessons in spinning.

Jane shows Cherie the finer points of farming, while Cherie hauls the feed bucket in fashionable mud-stompers

Cherie was thrilled to have the sheep eating out of her hands ... and looking forward to soon eating sheep out of her hands. My, my, women—they can be so duplicitous.

"Aw, heck, I can spin yarns a lot easier with a glass of wine"
Cherie: How did you get blue yarn?
Jane: Well, we don't grow blue sheep.              
Jessie tries her hand at the wheel

Whoah! This stuff beats watching "The Simple Life" on TV

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